There is a large Drama at the edge of my personal life. It's been going on for a while, and seems to be winding down at long last. I hope I don't stir things up, but there is something I need to say in regards to The Drama, and my view on things personally.

By the way, it's not my Drama: I'm not the engineer, nor a passenger, merely the appalled farmer watching the railcars tear up the back forty. However, I have been informed that the individual who set The Drama in motion has claimed to several people to have acted out of consideration for my delicate feelings.

Ah. Really? This is very interesting, since the individual in question and I have, over the course of oh, two to two and a half years since I've known them (it may have been longer, time is an elusive concept for me) shared maybe a thousand words together, none of which were even remotely about the subject of The Drama. (It is also complete bullshit since the issue has always been not what they did but how they did it, but I digress.)

Which brings me to my two points:

1. Don't ever EVER EVER claim to be acting in my interest unless you have talked to me first specifically about my feelings. I am not a child to be managed or coddled. I am not a delicate flower to be protected. I am a lot stronger than a number of people give me credit for. I resent heartily being condescended to, and this is condescension of the worst sort.

2. Since I suspect that talk of me is merely a diversion, I also offer the following: own your own stuff. When you take actions, have the decency to take responsibility for what you do and why you do it, not try to make lame excuses which essentially make you look better by making making me look fragile and neurotic.

In other words....

Grow up.

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AMEN! Me too also....

Fastest way in the world to piss me off is to come to me with a third party communication of any kind.

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thank you.

(this seems like as good of a place as any to mention that I see myself as a quiet member of your fan club. I may not say much, but I do come to the meetings)

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Thank you for being a shinning example.

Lots of hugs. i too am a quiet member of your fan club. You know this post is really well written and direct. Thank you for being a shinning example. More hugs t


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