How cool is it that the Italian skier received the gold medal from his big sister?

Of course there were clowns. This is Italy, which gave us Frederico Fellino, right? They're playing "Games People Play." Cute.

Jesus Christ, what a security breach. They're just lucky it wasn't someone intent on murder.

Sarah Mclachlan is Canadian. The Barenaked Ladies are Canadian. Great Big Sea is Canadian, but probably not well enough known. Shania Twain is Canadian. And they picked Avril Lavigne?

I like the song Avril's singing, and I think I would really l like the song if someone else -- say, Sarah McLachlan -- were singing it, someone who can actually sing properly.

Okay, Avril, I get. Andrea Bocelli, I get (*swoon*). But Ricky Martin?

Hey, look at Vancouver's logo -- it's an inukshuk!

Just looking at all those brides makes me cold. Almost no wedding gowns are designed to be worn for long periods outside in February.

On to Vancouver. I can hardly wait.
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( Feb. 27th, 2006 10:41 am)
If you saw last night's closing ceremonies, and wondered what in the world Vancouver's mascot was supposed to represent... it's an inukshuk.
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( Feb. 24th, 2006 11:38 pm)

Pleshenko threw down a quad in his exhibition skate.

And made it look easy.

The man is the finest thing on ice.

In her black pants and short hair, Irina Slutskaya looks more butch that most of the men figure skaters did the other night.


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