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([personal profile] pat May. 15th, 2009 04:28 pm)
Jenny McCarthy: Public Health Menace, including The Jenny McCarthy Body Count. If you click on the body count box, it will give you more information about McCarthy's campaign and why she is full of crap. I note that this includes deaths and illnesses from vaccine-preventable diseases. I've also always been concerned about the major effect of rubella especially on pregnant women, although I guess the sad results of the anti-vax campaigns in that arena won't be known for a couple of decades.

Thanks to [ profile] mactavish in Twitter for the link.

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THANK YOU for that link. i despise that woman. (discover's june issue has info about autism and why every kid should be vaccinated, if you're interested in that also)

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She should have to watch an unvaccinated child die of tetnus.

When someone asked my mother many years ago how she could stand to stick a baby or a small child with those "great big needles" her reply was simple:
"It is much easier than watching them die."

That says it all.

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I don't have words strong enough for that idiotic woman and all those who by their willing credulity give her a platform. Ugh.


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